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Color Analysis

Color can have an astonishing impact on people. The combination of your natural eye, skin, and hair color make up your Personal Palette. Wearing colors within your Personal Palette can significantly enhance your natural beauty, elicit the correct reaction from colleagues, and create the desired emotional response in others. Building your wardrobe from your Personal Palette makes shopping easier and allows you to create more outfits from fewer items.

A color analysis session takes 1.5 hours and covers several areas. Using a color science developed sixty years ago and modern computer analysis; I will establish your unique color harmony. You may choose from two color analysis methods  a color palette with forty of your most favorable colors. During this session we will also cover the psychophysical aspects of color, and the effects they produce. You will learn to use color to diminish physical shortcomings and accentuate positive features. You will learn which colors and styles are appropriate for which occasions. I will teach you how to use color to present the image you want, for the office, in the community, or a special event.. I will show you how to use color to create effects sophisticated, delicate, young or mature. You will also receive a customized palette that you can carry in a purse or briefcase. The palette will help you choose the best colors to create your most flattering wardrobe.

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