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Body Line Analysis

Do you know what cuts of clothing flatter you? Do you know what patterns and designs are not complimentary for you? Would you like to draw attention away from a problem area and focus it on a positive feature? Learn to accomplish this through a body line analysis.

Body line analysis is done during a two hour figure and style consultation. We start with your lifestyle and career aspirations. We will help you understand what image you currently project, and start you on the path to developing your own personal style that projects the image that you want people to see.

To accomplish this we will determine your body type and silhouette. We will help you understand which textures and cuts compliment both your body type and your personality style. You will learn what to avoid, and what styles and cuts detract from your look. We will teach you how to achieve the look of a balanced figure. You will learn how to develop a capsule wardrobe. You will be able to create 45 different looks from 9 pieces. You will receive an illustrated fashion manual customized for your personal figure. It will detail clothing styles that fit your individual figure. You will see how clothing and accessories play up your assets and minimize your liabilities.

The complete body line analysis includes a face shape analysis where you will learn which hairstyles, necklines and eyeglasses look best on you. A full session takes 11/2 hours.

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