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Personal Shopping Services

Our personal shopping services are an educational experience and  a time saving stratagem.  We start by cataloging what items that you currently possess are in synch with your personal style and career profile. We will help you build a list of the necessary items and accessories required to complete your wardrobe. We will teach you how to find the best garments, the best values, how to shop for your personal style, and how to choose effective and flattering garments.

Our personal shopping service can include the following assistance:

  • Planning - We can summarize your wardrobe needs and your budget. I can then secure these items to bring to your home, office, or show them at a department store.
  • Personalized Shopping Days - Imagine walking into a dressing room and finding it filled with clothing in your complimentary colors, cuts that flatter your figure, and fashions that are in line with your unique style.
  • Personal Shopping - Let us find you the perfect outfit for that special occasion. We can also purchase pieces to help you complete your wardrobe, or get started in a new career.

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