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Wardrobe Evaluation

Have you ever stood in front of an open closet for what seems like an eternity trying to figure out what to wear? Is your closet over filled with clothes and yet you still find yourself lamenting that you have nothing to wear? Does finding an outfit to wear for the day require an expeditionary search through your closet?  If this sounds like you, then you need a closet analysis. Even if none of these questions fit you personally, you can still benefit from a wardrobe analysis.

During a two and a half hour wardrobe walk-through starring your closet, we will apply important concepts borrowed from In-Depth Color, Art of illusion Dressing, and Style Definition to your existing clothes. These concepts will lead us to exciting new ensembles based on old items. With these exciting new outfits you will be more than happy to let go of unworkable items, but not before I show you why they did not work for you in the first place. The unwanted items can then be sent to a charitable organization, or when appropriate to a consignment store.

You will fill out a form that will help us assess your personal taste, lifestyle needs, body type, favorite colors, materials, and stores. We will evaluate your current wardrobe for style, comfort, and wearability. We will then help you arrange your closet based on season, time of day, and color. We will ensure that you have the necessary items to form a wardrobe foundation, and create a list of items you may want to add to your wardrobe. We will also suggest manufacturers and specialty stores that carry clothing suited for your body type and lifestyle. By eliminating the clutter and teaching you how to construct ensembles from what you have in your closet, we can save you time and frustration on a daily basis. By learning the building blocks of a successful wardrobe, you will not waste money on purchases that donít work for you. You will look better, you will feel better, and you will never again say, I have nothing to wear.


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